During the recent visit of Lama Yeshe Losal Rinpoche  to Randburg Centre, he called us THE RANDBURG RAINBOW DEVOTIONAL SAMYE DZONG CENTRE!  Inherent in this title are the key points for our vision, namely that we cover all needs of all people in our centre from dharma to charitable activities and that everything we do must have complete devotion, spontaneity, faith and joy.  These four factors must apply to the teaching of dharma as well as the service that we offer on every level.  This service must develop the paramita of generosity for all who are offering it.  We also wish to incorporate the children of our members into special Buddhist activities geared for the young who are the future generations. 

The Buddha taught 84,000 ways to reach enlightenment according to the needs and personalities of individuals.  In our vision, therefore, we would like to incorporate many different pathways to suit all sentient beings from meditation, to service, to studying the dharma, to contemplatation, to mind training, to healing, therapy and so forth.

May our sangha (Buddhist community) grow in devotion, faith and joy reaching the goals of the Rokpa Trust outlined by our teachers.